your eyes on me

Welcome to Bellissima, the only TFL-listed fanlisting for the actress Camilla Belle. A great big thanks to Amy for letting me adopt the fanlisting! Amy also designed the website. The fanlisting has also previously been owned by Marica.

What is a fanlisting? It's a web clique intended to gather the largest list of fans for a subject, from across the world, to demonstrate how strong and far-reaching a fandom is. It's easy, obligation-free, and you can collect a little image code to use to link back here. If you're a fan, consider joining today!


The fanlisting was last updated on 06th January 2018. There are a total of 35 fans (+ 0 pending), from 13 countries. Kelli was/were added on the last update and fans are joining at an average rate of 0.01 per day.

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